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Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence team at the Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre is dedicated to delivering AI solutions for major challenges in respiratory healthcare and research. 

It is composed of academics from diverse technical backgrounds with expertise in cell biology, medicine, biostatistics, computer vision and deep learning. Currently, the team is solving the following problems:

  1. Establishing an automated cell tracking and migration analysis platform for wound repair longitudinal images, which will enable researchers to effortlessly process high volumes of data and fast-track drug development efforts that target epithelial injury.
  2. Quantifying cell dynamics in Air-Liquid Interface cell culture images using novel metrics and developing automated analysis software, with support for novel visualisations.
  3. Developing software for automated pathology detection and localisation in the lung CT scans of children and adults.
  4. Enabling patient stratification for targeted treatment using lung CT scan annotations and phenotypic data.

The Artificial Intelligence team's combined efforts have translated into novel software deliverables, original research publications, and conference presentations.

Led by Artifical Intelligence and Data Analyst Dr Yuliya Karpievitch, who is also a Biostatistician, the team's ultimate goal is to improve health and wellbeing of children with respiratory conditions, such as cystic fibrosis and asthma.

If you have an interest in the application of AI in respiratory medicine to improve health outcomes, please contact the team

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