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The Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre is a global epicentre for paediatric respiratory research, informing clinical practice and driving a new research agenda for childhood lung health.

Building on 30 years of experience, where WA’s respiratory researchers have been recognised among the best in the world, the Centre brings together clinicians, scientists and community members from across the globe with a united goal – to prevent childhood respiratory illness and ensure that all children have healthy lungs for life.

A powerhouse partnership between the Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and Perth Children’s Hospital ensures that the Centre will lead paediatric research in Australia and contribute significantly to global efforts to improve the lives of children with respiratory conditions and their families.

The Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre comprises more than 140 laboratory scientists, epidemiologists, clinical researchers, computational biologists, bioinformaticians, PhD students and research assistants, working in partnership with a core leadership team. The team is based at the Telethon Kids Institute, co-located within the Perth Children’s Hospital on the QEII Campus in Nedlands.

There is an integrated, multidisciplinary approach between the Telethon Kids Institute and Perth Children’s Hospital, and close collaborations with local Universities (UWA, Curtin, Murdoch and ECU), King Edward’s Memorial Hospital, the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and centres of research excellence in paediatric respiratory health around the world.

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