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Telethon Kids Institute is committed to involving consumers and the community in all aspects of our research. Our Children’s Respiratory Science team is currently seeking research buddies to provide a community perspective on research into childhood asthma attacks. As a research buddy, you will be making a difference to the lives of children with asthma by helping our researchers work out why some children get asthma attacks.

About the project/vacancy

The Mechanisms of Acute Viral Respiratory Infection in Children (MAVRIC) study, which is being undertaken by the Children’s Respiratory Science team at Telethon Kids Institute, began in 2003. As part of this study, our researchers study children who come to hospital with wheezing and are unable to breathe, particularly after they have caught a cold. We aim to find out why some children grow out of this type of wheezing when they get a cold, while others don’t and go on to grow up with asthma. To support this important research, we are seeking parents or carers of children with wheezing and/or asthma to join our team as research buddies, to offer a community perspective on our work.


About the position

Research buddies meet with the research team several times a year and provide feedback on the work we are doing, as well as providing input into project documents such as newsletters and information sheets, research project plans and grant applications. By doing this, our researchers gain valuable insights and perspectives from people living with, or caring for children with, wheezing and asthma.


What am I expected to do?

Research buddies are required to attend three to four meetings per year and review project documents, such as research plans and applications for our projects.


What skills or experience do I need?

  • Lived experience with wheezing and/or asthma (self and/or caring for another)
  • Good communication skills in English


How long am I expected to be involved?

Two years, with the option to extend for a further two years.


Where will meetings be held?

Telethon Kids Institute, at Perth Children’s Hospital.


What support is offered?

An honorarium of $37.50/hour for meetings attended, as well as time for reviewing of documents. We also reimburse you for your parking costs for face-to-face meetings. Training and support is offered by Telethon Kids Institute. Any other needs for support can also be discussed.



Laura Coleman

Telethon Kids Institute

Phone: (08) 6319 1238